Mochino is an form of albinism that is an allelic trait between Clark Strain Albino and Mocha. This means that you can breed a Mochino to one of your Clark Strain Albino (White, Lavender, and Purple) retics and you will produce half Mochinos and the half Albinos in the clutch. This is a really amazing gene that has produced some of the best looking Albino combinations we've seen!

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Mochino Sunfire

Mochino (het Clark Strain Albino, het Mocha), Sunfire
From $2,500.00

Mochino Sunfire Tiger

Mochino, Sunfire, Tiger

Mochino Motley

Mochino, Motley

Mochino Super Sunfire

Mochino Super Sunfire
From $5,000.00

Mochino Knockout

Male: Mochino Tiger Female: White Albino Motley Sunfire Tiger

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